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Book: Money as an aside from the Stiftung Warentest – Finanztest

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money as an aside

Many people have the desire to control their finances as an aside. It is obviously a nice thought to have to deal with the topic finances only as necessary.


Content of “Money as an aside”

The compact Book* (german title: Finanzen nebenbei) by Stiftung Warentest gives a simple first step into the topic of day to day finance. People, who like to think visually and in pictures, will love the little book. The dos and don’ts are compared simply in images on one page. It sounds like black and white thinking and it is supposed to be like that.

examples, maybe?

Don’t: Online-banking and the receipt or the creation of your TAN on only one piece of equipment only, such as your Laptop or mobile.

Do: Online-banking and TAN should be done on two separate pieces of equipment, for example online-banking on your laptop and receipt or creation of the code should be done with a separate mobile app.

Many people use only one piece of equipment because they are lazy. It is easier and simpler that way. This can be alright, but it provides an opportunity for an attack by potential hackers.


Another example, do not: If you do not put money aside for future purchases, you will have to take up expensive short-term loans! Do better: Make a list of purchases for the next five years and start to save money towards them.

Now, you have two examples from “Finanzen nebenbei“*, which you can use in your daily life.

What other topics are considered in “Money as an aside /Finanzen nebenbei“?

  • Tips to recognise good and bad financial advisers.
  • More money in daily life – but how?
  • Which type of insurance policies are of use and which less so.
  • Financial provision with the help of the government.
  • Private investment and financial provisions through shares and investment funds.

Especially, the last chapter is valuable for everyone, who wants to make more out of their money!


Obviously, this book, “Money as an aside / Finanzen Nebenbei”* by Stiftung Warentest, with its 224 pages can only ever be a beginning. Not all subjects can be dealt with in depth.

But this is not its aim. It is rather meant to help as a reference in day-to-day life, especially pointing the way to learning more about a subject or another!


If you want to learn even more about the topic finance, I recommend reading the book “Handbuch Geldanlage”* also by Stiftung Warentest! This is a more comprehensive version!

Enjoy reading!

Money, Money, Money





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